Blacktron logo

The Blacktron logo

Blacktron was a LEGO theme introduced in 1987.


Being truely one of the first themes to be marketed as a LEGO Space theme, the theme's color scheme was black, which represented space, and yellow, which represented the stars. Blacktron was said to be a step up from the Classic Space theme that was created years before. The minifigures of the theme wore black jumpsuits and black crash helmets. In LEGO Space Police I, the Blacktron are regarded as criminals.

Blacktron icon

The Blacktron symbol


  • The prototype color scheme for the theme was red and white


Lego Commerical Space Blacktron00:19

Lego Commerical Space Blacktron

1987 Blacktron ad

1991 LEGO Blacktron Collection commercial00:31

1991 LEGO Blacktron Collection commercial

1991 Blacktron commercial

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